Welcome to SublimeLinter 3

SublimeLinter is a plugin for Sublime Text 3 that provides a framework for linting code. Whatever language you code in, SublimeLinter can help you write cleaner, better, more bug-free code. SublimeLinter has been designed to provide maximum flexibility and usability for users and maximum simplicity for linter authors.

The documentation for SublimeLinter is divided into two sections: one for users, and one for developers who would like to create their own linter plugins.

User Documentation   |   Developer Documentation

The SublimeLinter source is available on github.


Please use the SublimeLinter google group for support, even if you think you have found a bug. This will help us to build a knowledgebase of support info.

Be Part of the Team

Hundreds of hours have been spent writing and documenting SublimeLinter to make it the best it can be — easy to use, easy to configure, easy to update, easy to extend. If you depend on SublimeLinter to make your coding life better and easier, please consider making a donation to help fund development and support. Thank you!

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